#BBTitans: Shock as Yemi Cregz sneaks out of bed to share a kiss with Blue Aiva (Video)

January 29th, 2023

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BBTitans Yemi Cregx is making the rounds for sneaking out of bed to have a conversation with Blue Aiva and share a kiss with her.


Last night, Yemi Cregx left Khosi in bed and went downstairs to have a conversation with Blue Aiva and kiss her. Not only did Yemi do all that, but he also had a whole conversation with Blue Aiva about their feelings toward each other.

The 30-year-old Nigerian housemate advised Blue Aiva to be more proactive about seeking his attention. They end their conversation with a good night kiss, while he goes back to cuddle Khosi.

Their conversation went thus:

Yemi -“Talk To Me Bout What Happened Yesterday”

Blue Aiva- “When Twas Time ForYou To Kiss Me, You Wanted To Drink”

Yemi – “But I Didnt Drink Did I? I Wasnt Going To, it was Just ABit Of Suspense”

Blue Aiva – “It Seemed So,I Was Like WTF “Nigga You Did The Shit With Me Tho”

Yemi –Covers Her Mouth

Blue Aiva – “Honestly I Never Thought It’d Get To This Point Of Me Liking You This Much,I Dunno I Dont Like Feeling Like I’m ForcingThings Cuz I Know What I Carry”

Yemi – “Thats TheProblem,I Feel Like If You’re As Invested As I Am, You Should Show It &Also Put In Work But YouDont”

See video below;



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