If Asake Can Sell Out O2 Academy In 2 Minutes, How Long Do You Think Will Take Him To Sell Out O2 Arena?

September 30th, 2022

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Most people might have not noticed this, but Asake is now a blown artiste all over the world.

Asake was able to sell out UK O2 Academy with a full building capacity of 3,859 in 2 minutes, omo that is huge no cap.

Recall that Olamide made a tweet 3 days ago about Asake having an announcement to make by 12pm.

Asake at exactly 12pm on the second day made an announcement on Twitter about hosting his first concert ever in the UK which is to be stage at the O2 Academy on the 11th of December this year.

The ticket for the show was opened earlier this morning and he sold out a capacity of 3,859 venue in just 2 minutes.

Selling out a venue with this huge capacity in 2 minutes is something every artiste will be proud of, he dey amaze, he dey amaze me.

He Announced a Second Date For The Concert

Due to phenomenal demands from fans, Asake made another announcement of a second date for the concert, same venue but will be held on the second day of the first concert which is 12th of December.

Personally, am overwhelmed with his growth and how he has been able to use his music to penetrate into the international market and how people have been able to connect to his music despite the fact that he sings in Yoruba, his pattern of Music was considered to be ‘Fuji Amapiano‘.

With the way Asake has been making waves, O2 Arena shouldn’t be that hard for him to sell out in my own opinion.

O2 Arena has a full building capacity of 20,000, while O2 Academy which he will be performing on the 11th of December has a full building capacity of 3,859.

Over the years, Nigerian artists such as WizkidDavidoBurna Boy, and the likes have been able to sell out the O2 Arena with no stress.

If he can sell out a 3,859 venue in 2 minutes, selling out a 20,000 venue shouldn’t take him many days I guess.

With all that been said, I have a question for you guys 👇

If Asake Can Sell Out O2 Academy In 2 Minutes, How Long Do You Think It will Take Him To Sell Out O2 Arena?



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